新课介绍:辩论 Public Forum (Debate)

辩论 Public Forum (Debate)

上课时间:Sunday 4:00PM -5:00PM,地点:Classroom 163

Biography of Instructors 老师自我介绍

My name is Maxwell Zhang and I am a sophomore in the magnet program at Montgomery Blair High School. I have been an avid debater since middle school and have gained a lot of experience at competitions. I have placed at numerous local, national and international competitions such as semifinalist of the Georgetown PF Congress and Online Speech Debate Tournament (JV), quarterfinalist of the NY Westchester Classic at Lakeland High School (JV), and octafinalist of the 43rd Annual Harvard National Forensics Tournament (Novice). In addition, I also have experience judging debates at DCUDL (DC Urban Debate League) and helping coach middle school students, and I worked as a student helper at a public speaking and debate class at WCFC (Washington Cathay Future Center) last summer. I look forward to being able to teach young students to succeed in debate!

我叫Maxwell Zhang,是蒙哥马利布莱尔高中理科磁性项目(理科尖子班)的10年级学生。我从初中6年级开始学习辩论。我很喜爱辩论,参加了很多华盛顿地区、全国和国际性的辩论赛,并在比赛中积累了很多经验。主要成绩有进入乔治城公共论坛(Public Forum)演讲辩论赛(高中Junior Varsity组)的半决赛(四强),纽约湖区高中韦斯特切斯特精英赛(高中Junior Varsity组)四分之一决赛(八强)以及第43届哈佛国际辩论赛(高中Novice组)八分之一决赛(16强)。 此外,我还有在DCUDL(华盛顿地区辩论联盟比赛)做裁判和辅助教练指导初中生的经验。去年夏天我曾在WCFC(华夏未来中心)的公开演讲和辩论课上担任学生助手。 我期待着能够学以致用,指导中学生如何辩论,并帮助他们在辩论赛中取得好成绩!

My name is Alex Jiang and I am currently a sophomore in the magnet program at Montgomery Blair High School. Ever since the start of middle school, I have developed a passion for debate. I originally began debate in 6th grade at my school's debate club, and went on to be a captain in the following years. Outside of school, I joined a travel debate team, which allowed me to attend numerous competitions throughout the country. Some of my biggest achievements include Champion at the DCUDL championship (Middle School), Octofinalist at the Middle School Tournament of Champions (Middle School), Quarterfinalist at the Capitol Beltway Fall Classic (Varsity HS), Triple-Octofinalist at Harvard, the largest tournament of the year (JV), and a winning record at the George Mason University tournament (Varsity). The applications of debate extend far from just performing well at competitions. Debate is an essential skill that helps develop logic, improves public speaking, and increases political awareness. Unfortunately, debate is not a subject that is commonly taught in schools. I wish to share my debate knowledge with other students so they can utilize the skills from debate to succeed in their future endeavors.

我叫Alex Jiang,是蒙哥马利布莱尔高中理科磁性项目(理科尖子班)的10年级学生。从初中开始我就对辩论产生了极大的热情。最早(6年级)我在学校的辩论俱乐部开始学习辩论,并在接下来的几年中担任了队长。在校外,我加入了一个地区辩论俱乐部,参加了很多全国性及国际性的比赛, 并取得了很好的成绩。其中包括DCUDL(华盛顿地区辩论联盟比赛)初中组的冠军,中学生冠军辩论赛(初中组)的八分之一决赛(16强),Capitol Beltway Fall Classic辩论赛(高中Varsity 组)的四分之一决赛(8强),哈佛国际辩论赛高中Junior Varsity 组64强,和乔治梅森大学辩论赛(高中Varsity 组)的优胜者。在辩论中学到的技巧远远不止于在比赛中获胜。辩论是帮助发展逻辑,提高公众演讲能力并增强政治意识的一项关键技能。遗憾的是,公立学校不教授辩论课程。我希望通过这门课,与学生们分享我的辩论知识,以便帮助他们利用所学的技巧在未来的发展中取得成功。

Course Introduction课程介绍

Public Forum is a style of debate that focuses on assuming the role of policymakers and debating current national and international issues and policies. Two persons make a team. The PRO team advocates for a policy or action while the CON team argues to maintain the status quo. The goal of this class is to teach students to become public forum debaters and gain valuable life skills that come with debate. Students who do debate will learn how to work with a team, develop better reading, writing and public speaking skills and improve their logical thinking skills. Through working on the debate topics, they will open their eyes, pay attention on what happens in the world and become smarter and more informed citizens. The class will consist of lectures, mock debates, and interactive activities that help engage students. Depending on how much students grow from the class, students may also compete at one or two local debate competitions near the end of the first and second semester.

公共论坛辩论(Public Forum)是一种辩手假定自己作为政策制定者的角色、就当前的国家和国际问题和政策进行的辩论。 两人组成一个团队。正方团队(支持方)主张采取辩题提议的新政策或行动,而反方团队(反对方)则主张维持现状,不采用辩题提议的新政策。 这门课的目标是指导学生成为公共论坛辩论者,并从中学到一些对生活和学习中的其他方面都有用的技能。 学生们将学习如何与队友合作,学习和掌握阅读,写作和公共演讲和辩论的技巧,从而提高他们的逻辑思维能力。通过对那些辩题的学习,让他们开阔眼界,关注时事政治,使他们成为更聪明,更理智的公民。 该课程将包括授课、讲座、和模拟辩论等学生参与的互动活动。 根据学习的进步程度,学生还可以在第一学期和第二学期结束时组队,在老师带领下参加一次或两次地区辩论竞赛

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