Lego Robotics Class老师 韩涟漪博士

Lego Robotics Class老师 韩涟漪博士

Our beloved Lego Robotics teacher Dr. Shen is temporarily unavailable for this semester while pursuing other career opportunities. We hope he could come back to PCS once everything is settled down. Meanwhile we feel fortunate to have Dr. Han, Lianyi as our new Lego Robotics class teacher. Below is a brief introduction of Dr. Han.

Dr. Han, Lianyi is a Lead Software Development Engineer at NIH, specialized in machine learning, bioinformatics, and biomedical applications. As a robotic hobbyist and coach, he has great interests on exploring better learning experience that encourage students to find joy in their way of learning, find their values, discover their innate creativity and enthusiastically explore new knowledge areas. Dr. Han believes the FLL program is an ideal venue that promotes subject-based learning at school with project-based learning and creativity education. The program emphasizes on teamwork that set them up to flourish as creative adults while encourages learning from failures. Dr. Han has been coaching/advising a few local FLL teams recently. It is a great honor to have him as the teacher for the Lego Robotics class at Potomac Chinese School. You may find him on LinkedIn:

In this semester, he will lead the students into a lot of interesting projects. There might even be a competition at the end of the semester so that the students could be more prepared for the FLL challanges.

Registration is open and we are not limiting the class size as we did last time.

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